The best version of you.

Does your past define you?


I don’t believe your past defines you in a way that you should let your mistakes live on with you throughout your life. I do believe your past guides you in a way where it moulds you into the individual you are today. I do believe each person would have things they may change if they went back in time. I don’t believe we should regret the decisions, mistakes or life choices we made in the past. Life is too short for regrets.


Appreciate the fact that people make questionable decisions, more importantly appreciate the fact that people grow. Would you be where you are today or the person you have become if it wasn’t for everything leading up to this point? Forget the maybe’s, buts, if’s… I did this differently, be proud of yourself and your achievements.

I read a blog the other day that said, tell your 15 year old self that it is ok and to keep doing what they are doing. I love this! yes, yes yes. There is nothing wrong with making those questionable decisions in the past.  Are you unapologetically yourself and not trying to change for the benefit of others? Are you proud of who you are? Do you strive to improve where you can? If you are aspiring to be the best you possible then you already are!!

This doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to fall off the path occasionally, have some lazy days, rather holiday than work… it means within ourselves, we are happy with who we are and where we are at! The best version of you doesn’t count on other peoples blessings, just your own.

6 thoughts on “The best version of you.

  1. Love this. Everything that I’ve done or been through has made me into exactly who I am today. Good or bad, it’s shaped me and allowed me to take what I liked and learn from the rest. Thanks for posting this!

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