Are you a… leave it till the last minute and cram kind of person or a…. I am going to do 5 hours a week, every week to get it all done in the time I am given, without stress???

I like to think I am the later. I’ve come to realise,  I am wrong. Not in all circumstances, but in a lot. I think it really comes down to if what we are doing is something we enjoy or more like a chore. No body enjoys chores.

At the end of the day, do you get it done on time? Does it really matter what approach you take if the task at hand gets completed by the necessary time…?

It’s interesting, I tell myself each quarter that I will complete a certain amount of the task each week to keep up to date, only to find myself with 2-3 weeks left and nearly the entire quarters work to complete. I question myself, is it because I don’t want to spend my time doing it or is it in my nature to leave things to the last minute and cram to have it completed…

I don’t know about you but… when I am doing things I love, I don’t sit there and wait until the cows come home or for pigs to fly to begin. Makes me realise this isn’t a task I want to be doing forever and I forever procrastinate until it becomes a time where I have to begin and I cram. This isn’t how my mother taught me to work, in fact…. it infuriates her. Procrastination doesn’t belong in a workplace. Maybe, just maybe she is correct or maybe I don’t belong in that workplace.

Limbo, I keep reminding myself I am in limbo. I am in the stage between dreaming and achieving

For now I need to stick to what I am doing, for now the quarterly second job I do has to stay. I do get the work rather late and both ends of the party could be more efficient in getting the job done but the truth is I don’t want to be doing it so I procrastinate and put it off till I realise I need to whip my but in to gear and get the job done. I spend two weeks working my butt off rather than spend 5 hours every week for 12 weeks because I feel like I could be doing something more enjoyable.

One day… I dream to be in a fulfilling career that I enjoy…. For now maybe it will change this quarter??

3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I totally have procrastination issues. Since i work from home it comes out now mostly being late and inconveniencing others. I’ve thought long about it, and I know from watching my body that for me it is under stress when i am in crunch mode. I think i would have more time and energy if i were more organized and considerate. However it is one of those changes that must occur at a subconscious level to really shift. It would be cool to do a meditation for procrastination. I’ve been thinking of recording some of my meditations on you tube. This would make a good one then i could listen to it however. Ive also considered that it is just a creative process and maybe a part of my scattered but airy personality type. (Thank you God for my grounded husband.) maybe the type A’s have just created a system that chafes. Lol. Deep thoughts with Jack handy.

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    1. I think that could be a great idea and you know what, your right… If it doesn’t advantage too many other people it is there to help ground yourself! How fantastic you are in a partnership that maybe helps you both find a happy medium :)! On my way home from a weekend away at the moment and looking forward to finish reading your blog post yesterday!

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