Adventure of life, depending on choices

I am new to this all, blogging. I have considered it many times over the last two years and had minimal faith in myself. Why as individuals do we all chose that path? The path to have minimal faith in ourselves and leave opportunities we may be able to take hold of in other peoples hands. Success… Its a reasonably small word although contains so many different meanings. What I believe to be successful, to others may seem inadequate.

I am a young lady that career wise I am in a workplace that people would call a ‘good position’. I don’t disagree, I am lucky to have the job I am in possession of. I call it a job as it is not the career I hope to forever have. My ‘good position’ to me is what I refer to as my ‘comfortable position’. It is comfortable because I am aware what I am going to earn each week, the times I will be working each day and that I will get the weekend off, it pays the bills and the new home I am building at a young age. Does that sound oh so exciting to you? As many young people in this day and age, I have dreams and aspirations above and beyond my office desk job that I wish to follow. Sometimes we have to stick out the comfortable job that provides us with what we need in the meantime, lets say we are in LIMBO…. Limbo I feel is ok for now as long as we endeavour to strive forward towards our goals.

I am lucky, amazingly lucky with the family and close friends that I have and my now beautiful fiancé. Life hasn’t always been a picnic for me, just like many people we have demons of the past. Sometimes you can’t forget the unfair past circumstances, although we can grow as a individuals and make the choice not to let it shape your life.

For me, I  have learnt my happy place is a season…. Summer!! I love the sun, salt in the water at the beach and exploring everything this world has to offer. To travel, is to live I personally believe. Travelling isn’t for everyone, summer isn’t for everyone, there is something out there for everyone, something or somewhere that is your personal happy place.

You get to create your life, your life adventure completely depend on the choices you make in the time we have.
From your mindset, your job or career, the people you have in your life, the places you explore… the list is never ending.

I am a huge believer in inspiring other people, people inspire me and I believe we all have the opportunity to inspire someone in life. The theory of lifting the people up around you is amazingly powerful. Life is not one large competition and again, your success may not be someone else’s idea of success. Make the choice to be a positive person, a friendly and kind person, because karma brings around the happiness we all deserve and someone else’s positivity, friendliness or kind spirit may just be that karma at a time you need it most.

My life isn’t perfect and I am not yet where I would like to be , I have my negative days and I believe I am half writing this as an encouraging reminder to myself and in the hope to be an encouraging reminder to others.

This is a sneak peak of the kinds of things I want to write about, each section can be expanded on and so many more things to share with the world and hopefully inspire people that we are not in a formatted world where we need to do things by the book. We CAN chose our own adventure, just look at all the people out there doing what they love each day because of the choices they made! We may need to make sacrifices and work hard but wouldn’t you prefer to love each aspect of your life? I CERTAINLY WOULD! I wish you all the smiles in the world today 🙂

11 thoughts on “Adventure of life, depending on choices

  1. I so enjoyed reading this blog post.. I feel like we have a ton in common in how we think and what we believe. I completely related and it was refreshing to read something from someone else that reflected so much of what I have inside.


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